Animalitoland is known for her whimsical art featuring anthropomorphic characters. Her unique style blends graphic and tridimensional languages, vivid colors, and a compelling use of light. She draws inspiration from storytelling, research and theory of emotions, and direct experiences with people around the world. 

Born in Argentina, Graciela Gonçalves Da Silva got her first digital pen in 1999 and taught herself to draw with all the colors of the screen, influenced by comics & anime exchanged with friends. She graduated as Graphic Designer from University of Buenos Aires, and specialized in Character Design for commercial and artistic projects. In 2011 she started painting freely in the streets, which changed her life in many ways. In 2014 she quit her designer job to become a full time artist and a world nomad. Fully committed to art, she’s on a quest to explore life, mixing traditional & digital media on her everchanging path.

Constantly travelling for art projects while moving her base between countries/continents, she learned to travel light (making room for heavy emotions). She’s painted in the streets of Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Estonia, China, Canada and USA. Her work has been featured in Pictoplasma Berlín Conference, “Corteza InvisibleSolo Show at Swinton Gallery, “Street ArtBook by Lonely Planet, Super Rare Editorial, among other media (see CV). She is currently based in LA, USA.

Use of images

✣ Non-commercial: feel free to share my artwork, crediting “Animalitoland” as the artist. Please tag #animalitoland in social media.
✣ CommercialContact me for permission & arrangements before using images featuring my artwork for profit, or indirectly for a client’s campaign.


“A visit to Graciela’s website “Animalitoland” is a life-affirming experience.”
❧ Rebecca Budd, LadyBudd, 2021.

“When people pass by, they may initially be struck by the 4-storey mural’s bright colours but upon closer inspection, they can see so much more: a deeper reflection of themselves, the community and our world.”
❧ Lisa Wong, VancouverMuralFestival, 2020.

“If we look closely, her cute characters or something around them always emanate light. (…) Color is another of her key points, as she achieves color palettes to contrast in a way that they all stand out. And we can not stop mentioning her tender scenes, with wonderful characters from her imagination, or some iconic ones.”
❧  Fernando Huacuz, AllCityCanvas, 2019.

“The artists characters have a soft yet strong look about them, often smiling and looking inquisitive about what’s going on around them.” 
❧ Lewis Duncan, Nogreywalls, 2018.

“AnimalitoLand, a universe full of colors, endearing characters, adorable beings and lots of light. The murals of this artist stand out for this characteristic, for the magnificent use she makes of color and for how she’s capable of creating a light and a magical atmosphere. And is that Graciela manages to illuminate his work in a unique and spectacular way,”
❧ Estonoesarte, 2018.

“The style of the artist, incorporates characters with whom we can all feel identified, magical beings that have no defining features and in which the important thing is action and feeling.”
❧ Donna HadenGraffitistreet, 2018.

“Animalito has chosen for her characters colors and wonderful lightweight objects. Like floating around them accompanying them. And they are there, looking at us calmly, to remind us that much of our life is what we decided to take with us .. ”
❧ Anita SlowlyStreetartaddicted, 2016.

“Her illustrative style really pops with bright and vibrant colors that makes it look like almost 3D.” 
❧ Rom Levy, StreetArtNews, 2015.

”Animalitoland” is the creator of various creatures. Her drawings bring them into reality while beautifying city walls. She is a very active artist that makes fine illustrations, wall paintings, installations as well as custom art.” 
Estela RojoIsupportStreetArt, 2015

“Goncalves’s fervent world of eccentric characters means the Argentinean artist is a perfect fit for Berlin-based Pictoplasma, the annual celebration of international character design — unleashing her fantasies on this year’s festival (…)”
Lissa Hasselt, We-heart, 2015

”Animalito Land is one of these street artists that can create an entire world with a single piece of work. His specificities are a great number of colours and his childish characters that cheers you whatever your situation may be.” 
Nick RussellBlatanyBlunt, 2014