Project: San Martín Pinta Bien
Location: Av. 25 de Mayo 1100, San Martín, BsAs, Argentina
Date: March 2019

A pause somewhere between the storm that was, and the sprout that will be.


This was a particular moment in my life. I’ve just moved out of Madrid after living there for 5 years, making it my second home. I was in my homeland Argentina, but not for long and the little time I had was interrupted by long paint-trips to China and Europe. My husband and I were looking for our next destination. I remember discussing if we wanted it to be to Australia or Canada… this talk taking place over the phone, me speaking from China, my husband from Argentina. It hit me that my wildest dream had come true, BUT that meant I ended up with bits of home and heart scattered around the world, and a strong confusion about who I was.

This wall was my wish to leave something full of love and peace, in the place I was born: San Martín. It was complicated for lots of reasons, but the best part was to have my family and friends there with me. I was burnt out but happy.


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