Animalitoland is my inner world, where emotions turn into characters, telling stories that mirror the diverse perspectives of those who encounter them. Free from limiting labels like gender or race, these characters adapt and evolve, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of my nomadic life. I shed outdated expectations, embracing new rituals and documenting everything I learn through paint.

Scribbles ignite figures and scenes, which I refine digitally before translating them onto canvases and walls. My designer’s eye commands the composition, while my animation background infuses my palette with strong colors and soft shapes, creating a welcoming space for exploration. The illusion of depth bridges the gap between vision and reality, while flat graphics maintain a touch of captivating mystery.

In the quiet of my studio, I delve into the emotional palette, where each pigment reflects a different shade of joy, fear, or longing. This exploration then bursts onto expansive murals, where playful characters invite passersby to step through a vibrant portal of imagination. Here, vulnerability sheds its fear and becomes a source of strength. My art isn’t just a canvas; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of emotions, transforming the unknown into a shared home of acceptance and understanding.



Ordes, Galicia, Spain