Project: Vancouver Mural Festival
Location: 2286 Ontario St, Vancouver, Canada
Date: Aug 2020

Intervening public space during a particular time such as 2020, seemed like a good fit to talk about emotional health.…

Kodu (Home)

Project: SmartEnCity
Location: Tähe 2, Tartu, Estonia
Date: Aug 2019

In SmartEnCity project, Khrushchevs (soviet apartments from the 1960s) were transformed into “Smartovs“: renovated buildings, equipped with solar panels and smart electronics.…

The Mitten

 Project: ArtScape Saga
 Location: Molinsgatan 11, Lilla Edet, Sweden
 Date: Jun 2019

Artscape Saga is a project that illustrates classic scandinavian folktales, through StreetArt.…


Project: Urban Samtidskunst
Location: Halmstad Skole, Rygge, Norway
Date: May 2019

This school wall invites kids (and adults) to grow with knowledge and sensitivity.…


Project: Color, way of Love
Location: New Rural Jinxin Primary School, Chuanxing Town, Xichang City, Sichuan, China
Date: April 2019

When you see ideas clearly in your mind, you can make them real.…

Growing together

Project: Color, Way of Love
Location: Nº26 Yulin Street, Chengdu, China
Date: April 2019

A bond between humans and animals, and our habitat: the space we share with all creatures.…

Siesta en el Jardin

Project: San Martín Pinta Bien
Location: Av. 25 de Mayo 1100, San Martín, BsAs, Argentina
Date: March 2019

A pause somewhere between the storm that was, and the sprout that will be.…

Nurture Light

Project: Urban Samtidskunst
Location: Haugenstua Skole, Oslo, Norway
Date: October, 2018

Murals at school

Light is connected to knowledge and good spirit.…

Into a new Game

Project: Platonic Games
Location: Gran Vía (indoor), Madrid, Spain
Date: October 2018

Late night under a blanket, just like when I was a kid and read paper books -but in the shape of digital devices, inviting all ages to play.…

Forest Dream

Project: Underground Effect
Location: La Defense (Temporary Installation), Paris, France
Date: September 2018

Being in a gigantic place where you can’t see what’s ahead.…


Project: Camping with friends
Location: CastroGonzalo, Zamora, Spain
Date: Sept 2018


Déixao Pasar

Project: Desordes Creativas
Location: Rúa Casabella nº 3, Ordes, Galicia, Spain
Date: July 2018

Don’t fight the shadow, all that you can’t name but gives you the chills.…

Inner Sparkle

Project: Waterford Walls
Location: 13 St. Ignatius St, Waterford, Ireland
Date: August 2018

Having an inner sparkle jumping around involves having a layer of shadow guarding it.…


Project: Festival Asalto
Location: Calle San Vicente Ferrer 2, Zaragoza, Spain
Date: July 2018

Kids from different worlds, building together a home.…

Grow your interior out

Project: Grenoble Street Art Festival
Location: 3 Rue Stalingrad, Pont de Claix, Grenoble, France
Date: June 2018

Sharing your thoughts and feeling will make them grow.…


Project: Vigo, ciudad de color
Location: Centro Comercial Coia 4, Vigo, Spain
Date: Jun 2018

This market is a place where old memories and new stories take place.…

Help Eachother

Project: Color, way of Love
Location: 2001 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
Date: May 2018

We tend to walk minding our own bubble.…

Sow your dreams

Project: Color, way of Love
Location: Kai Weng Primary School, Xishan Town, Congjiang County, Guizhou Province, China
Date: May 2018

Your dreams are seeds,
find one and plant it.…

Animal Friendship

Project: Veggie Room
Location: Calle de San Vicente Ferrer 19, Madrid, Spain
Date: December 2017

Love and care in different scenes, for the opening of the new Veggie Room.…


Project: Cromatico Mural Fest
Location: Rúa Francisco Añón, Cambre, Galicia, Spain
Date: Sept 2017

Bright sparkles sprout from dark soil


🔗 Cromatico Mural Fest web

✤ “El arte urbano toma Cambre” La Opinion Coruña



Project: Waterfordwalls
Location: 59 Mayor’s Walk, Waterford, Ireland
Date: August 2017

Playing with colors through the rain.…


Project: Color, way of Love
Location: 3 Building 575, Pudong South Road, Shanghai, China
Date: August 2017

May you find shelter in a hug, stopping time in a busy street. …

Pidgeons’ Desert

Project: Festival Asalto
Location: Calle Moncayo 16, Alfamén, Zaragoza, Spain
Date: July 2017

“As the traveler entered Pidgeons’ Desert, life emerged from every corner.…

Life look

Project: Encrucijada
Location: 8 Paseo Cantolagua Sangüesa, Navarra, Spain
Date: June 2017

Some people age, some others wear diverse lives on the face.…


Project: Rexenera Fest
Location: 62 Rúa Río Anllóns, Carballo, Galicia, Spain
Date: May 2017

Espelho means “Mirror” in Galician.…

Jump into another world

Project: Sketchmate
Location: Scuole Medie, Via S. Pietro e Via Pescatori, Cavallermaggiore, Italy
Date: May 2019

Jump into whatever world you can imagine.…

Mate y Pepa

Project: Freestyling with my friend K2man
Location: Moldes 3199, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: January 2017

An improvised neighbourhood afternoon, like it used to be.…

A break (over a soft deer)

Project: Street Art Festival .be
Location: Maastrichterstraat 59, Hasselt, Belgium
Date: September 2016

A place to press pause.…

Riding Wind

Project: Wool
Location: Escola da Boidobra. Estrada Municipal 517, Covilhã, Portugal
Date: October 2016

Imaginary creatures give free rides for everyone.…

Into the Book Woods

Project: Wool
Location: Biblioteca da UBI. Rua Marquês d’Ávila e Bolama, Covilhã, Portugal
Date: October 2016

Invisible worlds await inside books.…

The apple garden of delights

Project: Stencibility
Location: Unknown Abandoned Apple Garden, Tartu, Estonia
Date: September 2016

We worked together with Maari Soekov & Okeiko on a story about the House of Forest Spirits: A place, lost in the middle of an apple garden, where the magical and human worlds crossed paths.…

Afternoon Wishes

Project: Underground Effect
Location: La Defense (Temporary Installation), Paris, France
Date: June 2016

Playing with comfortable clouds, dreaming of Koala-Wombat-Piggy-squishy-things.…


Project: Artscape
Location: Bredfjällsgatan 46, Hammarkullen, Goteborg, Sweden
Date: August 2016

Stick your head out, you’re not alone.…

A kiss between cultures

Project: UpNorth
Location: Dronningens gate 12, Bodø, Norway
Date: July 2016

I was so excited to go to the Arctic Circle.…

Open Heart

Project: MIAU
Location: Calle San Pedro, Fanzara, Castellón, Spain
Date: July 2017

Fanzara feels like Home.…

Night meets Dusk

Project: Mind the Wall
Location: (Temporary Exhibition) Calle de San Millán 3, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Date: June 2016

This was part of “Corteza Invisible” my solo show at the lovely Swinton & Grant gallery. …

Urban Nature

Project: Muros Tabacalera
Location:(Temporary Exhibition) C/ Miguel Servet 21, Madrid, Spain
Date: June 2016

A child and a bag of seeds, wandering around the city.…

Memory Quest

Project: Grenoble Street Art Festival
Location: 9 Rue Marceau, Grenoble, France
Date: October 2016

⋆ ⥼✦⥽ ✤ ⥼✦⥽ ⋆

“(…) what he sought was always something lying ahead, and even if it was a matter of the past it was a past that changed gradually as he advanced on his journey, because the traveler’s past changes according to the route he has followed: not the immediate past, that is, to which each day that goes by adds a day, but the more remote past.


Project: Grenoble Street Art Festival
Location: 34 rue Génissieu, Grenoble, France
Date: October 2016

A person and an objective.…

Wall Border

Project: Színes Város
Location: Hegyalja út 64, BAH Csomópont, Budapest, Hungary
Date: September 2015

There’s no monster behind the wall, those strange shadows are just like you and me.…

Look Ahead

Project: MIAU
Location: Camino Cementario y Calle Santo Sepulcro, Fanzara, Castellón, Spain
Date: July 2015

There was so much going on, I just painted all my excitement on this wall.…


Project: Pictoplasma
Location: Schönhauser Allee 9, Berlin, Germany
Date: May 2015

I painted this during my participation in Pictoplasma Berlin 2015.…

Railway Playground

Project: Museo La Neomudejar
Location: (Demolished Wall) Calle de Antonio Nebrija S/N, Madrid, Spain
Date: January 2015

Find your place, wherever you are.…


Project: La Tabacalera
Location: Calle de Embajadores 53, Madrid, Spain
Date: December 2014

Just landed in Spain, my first international move.…

Underground Forest

Project: BA Street Art
Location: Subway Station Federico Lacroze, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: August 2014

A magic forest to brighten up the mood in one of the main Subway stations in Buenos Aires.…

Madre Naturaleza

Project:San Martín Pinta Bien
Location: Villegas 1533 , Villa Maipú, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: May 2014

The encounter of Nature, Animals and Human spirit.…