Project: Vancouver Mural Festival
Location: 2286 Ontario St, Vancouver, Canada
Date: Aug 2020

Intervening public space during a particular time such as 2020, seemed like a good fit to talk about emotional health. This piece invites us to find balance in between the turmoil of emotions, exploring inside our minds to recognize what is happening.


Ignoring our uncomfortable feelings won’t make them disappear. I put them in this small ball of darkness and embraced it. This loving gesture is guided by the other side of the spectrum, a cloud of light floating above the head, and two rainbows acting as ears, listening carefully to what emotions tell us.

Framing the scene, a big rainbow in the front, and a dark shape in the back symbolize this same positive/negative duality, but on circumstances out of reach. Uncertainty will always keep on flowing. And yet, the expression on the face of the main character tells us it’s ok.


This “Micro Journal of Emotions” illustrates different emotional states and physical sensations, from positive and negative extremes, decreasing intensity until both forces are balanced. This ideal state of peace, is the scene represented in the mural.

But before and after getting a moment of peace, we usually go through wild emotional shifts. A good way to start dealing with this, is to check in how you’re doing. If you feel “good or bad” keep digging, learn specific concepts. On each page of this zine there are blank spaces to write. I gave this to people I met in the street, to use as inspiration and reminder of this exercise. But you can do it anytime anywhere! Next time you’re experiencing something, ask yourself what is it? Expand your emotional vocabulary. Feed your brain with information to help it respond in a more wise way.


Getting people to investigate their feelings was far-reaching. After finding the specific words, I asked everyone to share them back. Some people told me in person, some wrote on an IG post I made specifically for this, and some send me direct messages. Each night after painting, I spend a good time reading all the messages and transcribing the words into this Collaborative LIST of EMOTIONS 📝

I invite you to read them, as each word will trigger your brain to experience that emotion for a millisecond. The more rare ones, or words from other languages (that have no english translation) are accompanied by definitions.

To celebrate and materialize this collective experience, I added all those words to the mural, making it not just mine, but ours.  I sorted them alphabetically, so the “positive” and “negative” feelings are all mixed, providing a rich bird’s-eye view of our current situation as a community. 

If you didn’t get the chance to participate with your own word, take a look anyway. You might find a similar one, and then you’ll know there are more people feeling like you do now. If you are not sure what is it that you’re experiencing, you can also take a look at the list, and see if something rings a bell. However you choose to explore your feelings, it’s going to be worthwhile.  


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Kodu (Home)

Project: SmartEnCity
Location: Tähe 2, Tartu, Estonia
Date: Aug 2019

In SmartEnCity project, Khrushchevs (soviet apartments from the 1960s) were transformed into “Smartovs“: renovated buildings, equipped with solar panels and smart electronics. In addition to achieving greater energy and environmental sustainability, it was planned to give all residential buildings a new appearance.

I asked for neighbours’ testimonies about what that building represented for them:
“When I reach home, I feel happy and calm and being loved. My home is like a small oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of the down town car noise. In my home I have people who I love and miss. When I reach home I’m happy to see them.”
I based my design on these feelings.


While painting alone, I play music and look around the neighbourhood, spotting the habitués -those who really enjoy public space-. Sometimes we share a talk, sometimes just a distant look. I decided to paint some of them in the wall:

🐱 Catlady: My absolute favourite, this russian neighbour was always out there enjoying fresh air with that cat that behaved like a dog. She didn’t look like walking the cat, but just wandering around, standing at the sun. One day I saw a book left alone near the building entrance, it was in a different place the next day, and I was intrigued until one day I saw her sitting in the stairs reading it. Of course. A couple of people who walked by the mural, mentioned lovable encounters with this “the cat lady” (that’s how I learned she only spoke russian) so it looks like she’s quite a character in the block. I loved the idea of painting her, even in this small form.

🦜 Parrots: One day a neighbour told me he had a mural of a rhino in his apartment. Other day, he was recycling some curious materials, he noticed I noticed, so he shrugged and told me he had two parrots “-and a rhino” I added. He smiled and invited me dinner. That’s how Alex and I became friends. Despite the limitations of language, we shared some really fun moments. He asked me if I danced, to what I answered YES -being latin I kinda trusted my moves- . He turned out to dance latin rythms at a dance studio around the neighbourhood, so that’s how I ended up super confused trying to keep up with the twist and turns of Eastern-European-dancehall-moves. Gotta love life random paths.

🍒 Plums: A lovely neighbour approached one day and told me to get some plums from her bag. “Take more! I have too many” She picked them from her garden, so I had fresh delicious local plums to enjoy during the week.

🐶 Wiener Dog: The shortest legs in town, this little fellow and his human friend walked by every day. I fell in love with his walking style, and how he knew exactly where the stroll was over, and he was not up to walking an extra inch.

🤖 Machines: My lift’s name was “Dino” 🖤. The compressor for the paintgun was not only noisy but made such a scandal that no screws could hold on to it. I loved the cute little pressure display though. Since they were renovating the area, I was surrounded by machines -gotta love those big toys-. I was so tempted to ask the guy let me drive that unbelievable truck. Ever since I started working with heavy machines I kinda understand that construction workers vibe, feels sooo powerful to drive a 4 ton monster.
FUN FACT: “Tagasta puhtana” sounds like an italian curse (I internally cursed when turning that noise on), but actually means “Return clean” in Estonian.


🔗 Smartencity web

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The Mitten

 Project: ArtScape Saga
 Location: Molinsgatan 11, Lilla Edet, Sweden
 Date: Jun 2019

Artscape Saga is a project that illustrates classic scandinavian folktales, through StreetArt. I was assigned “The mitten”, an Ukrainian story about a boy who lost his mitten in the forest:

+ Read Original Tale

⋆ ⥼✦⥽ ✤ ⥼✦⥽ ⋆

“Nicki ran outside to climb a leafless tree. He climbed and climbed and was almost at the top, when one of his mittens slipped to the ground. “I’ll sit here for a bit and pick the mitten on my way home,” thought the boy.
Meanwhile, a mole tunneling through the snow discovered the mitten. “It’s so warm and fuzzy. I’ll rest here for a bit.”
A snowshoe rabbit hopped his way toward the tree, when he noticed the mitten. He wiggled in. The mole was about to say that there was no more room, but seeing rabbit’s big kickers he simply moved over.
Next a hedgehog sniffing for food came across the mitten. Cold and tired, he decided to warm his body in the mitten. The mole and rabbit seeing the prickles, made the room without arguing.
As soon as the hedgehog was inside the mitten, a big owl attracted by the commotion on the ground lowered his flight. And of course, he wanted to go inside too. As the animals were about to protest, they saw the owl’s talons and let him in.
Up to now a badger, sleeping at the bottom of tree’s opening, woken up by the fuss outside approached the animals. As the animals thought that there was absolutely no more room, they saw the badger’s diggers and showed him the thumb.
It started snowing, when a fox ran looking for a warm place. Seeing warm mitten, it pushed its way in. Shining with its white teeth, the fox had no problem getting in.
A warm and fuzzy bear stumped its way toward the mitten. “I won’t be left out,” with those words he pushed his large body into the mitten. The mitten stretched and bulged, but nobody would argue with such large animals as bear.
A tiny meadow mouse spotted a large warm mitten. No bigger than an acorn, she made herself comfortable on top of the bear’s nose.
The mouse wiggled, tickling the bear with its whiskers.
The bear gave such a forceful sneeze that all animals flew out in all directions.
At the same time, the boy decided it was time to go back home. As he climbed down, the mitten flew up straight into his hand. Happy boy walked to the hut not making much out of a flying mitten a bit bigger than the original size.”

⋆ ⥼✦⥽ ✤ ⥼✦⥽ ⋆

My interpretation was that the boy found the mitten and wondered: “what happened while I was gone?” So he started making up this story, adding more and more animals, as the wool thread drew what he was thinking. I was inspired by some elements from “kurbits” (Swedish embroidery ornaments).


🦔 Hedgehog: On day 1, after I finished sketching all the animals, I got off the lift to get some paint, turned around and -POW! a huge wild hedgehog came out of nowhere and started sniffing my paint. I was actually looking for a color to start painting the hedgehog, so I absolutely felt like I invoked him. He came by the wall everyday, and of course, I filmed it everytime .

🚶 Neighbours: Among the people who walked by everyday, there was Kiki. It was that kind of situations where you exchange smiles, and feel connected without words. One day I recognized one of her dogs’ names: Baloo. That gave me a hint about a common interest (Baloo is the bear from The Jungle Book, one of my fav characters). Another day when we had the chance to speak, I learned the other dog’s name: Babsan. She told me it’s the performing name of LarsÅke Wilhelmsson, a swedish drag artist. I got more and more curious about her, and life in that small village surrounded by forests and mountains.

💀 The silent spectator: There was a huge truck in front of the wall, I always looked at it because I love machines. But it wasn’t until Kiki told me to look inside, that I noticed the skeleton in the copilot’s seat! “Helge” had been there staring all the time without me knowing…

💥 War Alarm: The alarm system started on World War 2 and it is still in use in Goteborg, for emergency warning in case of approaching danger. They test it the first monday of the month, so I got to hear it.

🔥 Barbecue: The neighbours association organized a barbecue to catch up with the wall, enjoy the sun and grab a bite 🙂

Daily journey: It was a 40′ drive from the hotel to the wall, plenty of time to wake up in the morning as well as chill out after work. It was specially soothing when Majlie drove because her music matched the landscape perfectly. Also her car was stashed with chocolate. Check out the Moose sign in the end! -didn’t see any but it was lovely to think they were around-


🔗 Artscape Saga web

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Project: Urban Samtidskunst
Location: Halmstad Skole, Rygge, Norway
Date: May 2019

This school wall invites kids (and adults) to grow with knowledge and sensitivity. The characters represent night and day colors, both of them carrying elements from eachother. They are creating a new space by joining two opposite forces just above the door, where the real sparkles will run through.


🌨️ Urban Astronaut: The weather was cold, windy and rainy. But this time I was prepared: got the raincoat and shoe cover from my previous trip to China, my hot drink from Argentina, and the snowsuit Viktor’s mama gave me last time I was in Norway (that’s another story). I could barely move, felt like a chihuahua with 5 sweaters on…but I was warm, dry, and victorious on the inside -in your face, weather!- .

🌈 Curiosity #1: In many cold places the houses are light and pastel. It’s the kind of detail you don’t notice until you’re there. I think it’s nice to have a happy spot around, so I usually pick basic bright colors. For some, this comes as a surprise. Here, my neighbour Heidi told me she painted a playground like a rainbow and it felt like a small revolution. We talked about colors and moods.

Everything is white, even the dog

The first day at the paint store, the staff refused to prepare my colors. As crazy as that sounds, they friendly suggested alternatives, which were of course, desaturated. I don’t know if the misunderstanding was based on the english language or the cultural differences, because these were sections in the catalogue:
“Nordic” = desaturated colors,
“Favorite” = shades of grey,
“Accented” = basic bright colors.
How can grey be a favorite, and why they refused to prepare the accented colors in the first place, is a mystery. They argued it had little coverage, so as a solution we used very specific priming for each color. It took us about an hour to reach this agreement, over delicious coffee & truffles to soften the discussion.

👷 Curiosity #2: After I finished my work, a local painting company was sent to do reparations at the school. If you see the original surface I painted on, you can see there was only one smooth wall.

This aged wall with windows, was the only left out of the mural, it looked like it needed reparations:

Surprisingly when the reparations came, they chose the only smooth wall to repaint. In this photo you can see the aged wall is still not repaired.

This happened shortly after I finished painting. It got to the news and I started getting messages about it, before I even shared the original mural. Reading the newspaper, I found this student’s testimony that made me smile:
“I’d like to hug the picture and try to squeeze it. I’m just getting close, but not too much. Because I don’t want to ruin it. It would be silly if the paint goes away”

It was on the TV, newspapers, and my inbox XD

On the bright side, it was not the main characters but the graphic part which was easier to fix. The company responsible covered the restoration, but I was already in Canada. So I trusted the task to Viktor -the curator- who is also a painter and helped me during the process. He’s great!

This is how it looks now, good as new. My signature is missing but this is the story behind it.


🔗 Urbansamtidskunst web

✤ ¨I want to sqeeze the new school wall¨ MossAvis
✤ ¨Painted the wrong wall – ruined part of the artwork¨ NRK



Project: Color, way of Love
Location: New Rural Jinxin Primary School, Chuanxing Town, Xichang City, Sichuan, China
Date: April 2019

When you see ideas clearly in your mind, you can make them real. This mural was inspired by the story of the teacher who wanted to build this school on her village, beautiful place in the middle of the mountains.


🔗 Color, Way of Love official site

✤ “Love and color envelop the school to join hands to create a gorgeous dream-building space” CNWNews


Growing together

Project: Color, Way of Love
Location: Nº26 Yulin Street, Chengdu, China
Date: April 2019

A bond between humans and animals, and our habitat: the space we share with all creatures. A human child and a baby panda standing
next to the sun and the earth. Where they both meet, life blossoms as warm flowers lighting the night sky.

Official Video

🔗 Color, Way of Love official site

✤ “Art Chengdu | Graffiti wall witnesses the tolerance and fashion of the city” 每日頭條
✤ “Poems dedicated to childhood” Thoughtful Shanghai Morning News


Siesta en el Jardin

Project: San Martín Pinta Bien
Location: Av. 25 de Mayo 1100, San Martín, BsAs, Argentina
Date: March 2019

A pause somewhere between the storm that was, and the sprout that will be.


This was a particular moment in my life. I’ve just moved out of Madrid after living there for 5 years, making it my second home. I was in my homeland Argentina, but not for long and the little time I had was interrupted by long paint-trips to China and Europe. My husband and I were looking for our next destination. I remember discussing if we wanted it to be to Australia or Canada… this talk taking place over the phone, me speaking from China, my husband from Argentina. It hit me that my wildest dream had come true, BUT that meant I ended up with bits of home and heart scattered around the world, and a strong confusion about who I was.

This wall was my wish to leave something full of love and peace, in the place I was born: San Martín. It was complicated for lots of reasons, but the best part was to have my family and friends there with me. I was burnt out but happy.


🔗 San Martin Pinta Bien web


Nurture Light

Project: Urban Samtidskunst
Location: Haugenstua Skole, Oslo, Norway
Date: October, 2018

Murals at school

Light is connected to knowledge and good spirit. This double side murals talk about an inside and outside quest for it. There’s a personal, internal process on the front, where the character finds his/her unique light and shares it outside.
On the back, there’s a collective action where the characters are moving into a warm playful spot, where this nice energy is concentrating.
Both are opposites but part of the same cycle: being active and curious, give what what we have, learn what we find.


Right around the corner of this school there’s a gigant table lamp installed in the open air. As a latinamerican, living in Madrid, I used to take light and weather for granted. I did complain when days became shorter in winter, but up until this trip, I didn’t know what cold and darkness can do to your spirit (years later I moved to Canada, haha). During this project I stayed at a neighbor’s house who asked me to never turn the lights of off. She said “it may sound weird, but I need the light”. After a while I started to understand, that endless cold darkness really gets to you. And to see that lamp every day on my way home really felt like a hug to my soul. I used to stop for a while to contemplate it, and I’m happy I integrated it into the mural.


I often find myself wondering why I’m doing this/how did things got to this point. This time it all started “kinda difficult” and ended up “craziest wall I’ve ever painted”. Norway + October= I was expecting cold weather but not as extreme as it got. I had very little light so I made very slow progress. Victor, the organizer, calmed me down saying that we could extend the trip… but each day got darker and colder, and physical/emotional exhaustion increased.

On the last days two good things happened: Morten, a friend I met in another festival in the Arctic, happened to be a local. He heard I was painting there so he came by (along with a Northern jacket, Wine and Chocolate). We had an amazing talk, and all the time I was thinking that worldwide-streetart-friendships are a surreal thing.

The second thing was that Victor’s mom heard about the whole weather situation and she came by with a snowsuit for me to use. “But I’m gonna get paint on it” I said. “No worries”. I thanked them with all my heart, and returned it after I finished. The next year I went back to Norway for another project , and I got the suit back, but this time I took it with me. Victor said “there’s no such thing as bad weather, there’s only bad clothes”. What a lesson! I’ll be forever grateful to him and his mum.


🔗 Urbansamtidskunst official site

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Into a new Game

Project: Platonic Games
Location: Gran Vía (indoor), Madrid, Spain
Date: October 2018

Late night under a blanket, just like when I was a kid and read paper books -but in the shape of digital devices, inviting all ages to play.



🔗 PlatonicGames official site


Forest Dream

Project: Underground Effect
Location: La Defense (Temporary Installation), Paris, France
Date: September 2018

Being in a gigantic place where you can’t see what’s ahead. Feeling a little lost, but hey, chill, take your time and let go because somehow you’ll get through. What’s that? A light bunny made of clouds, so soft and mysterious you can’t even touch it. Every dark place has its light.


🔗 Underground Effect #4 official site

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Project: Camping with friends
Location: CastroGonzalo, Zamora, Spain
Date: Sept 2018


Déixao Pasar

Project: Desordes Creativas
Location: Rúa Casabella nº 3, Ordes, Galicia, Spain
Date: July 2018

Don’t fight the shadow, all that you can’t name but gives you the chills. Befriend it, let it roll 


🔗 Desordes Creativas official site

✤ “Arte en las medianeras de Carballo (A Coruña)” Rama
✤ “6 lugares donde ver arte urbano en la provincia de A Coruña” ElEspañol


Inner Sparkle

Project: Waterford Walls
Location: 13 St. Ignatius St, Waterford, Ireland
Date: August 2018

Having an inner sparkle jumping around involves having a layer of shadow guarding it. Without defining it as good or bad, the person in the middle is just keeping balance, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker. We’re moving.


When I first arrived to the wall I found that it was being demolished. I was instructed to paint the wall in front of it. The home owners didn’t get the memo about this, so it was all a rough start (although I ended up having great relationships with all the neighbors around that wall).
The (old & new) wall had a sign that I was told could be moved to the side to be preserved (that’s why I painted sign posts in the original design). But the sign was made of concrete and there was no chance to move it, and no time to change the design. I sadly had to paint it over.

Last but not least, I got stuck in the lift while everyone was at the pub. Everyone but my friend Brian (fellow artist painting in the festival) who happened to visit me at the right moment. He called technical service and while talking to them on the phone, he manually tried to operate the lever for HOURS to get me down. This didn’t work, but he got an idea. “I’ll be back” he said. “Please do”. He remembered another artist’s lift was parked around the corner, so he thought of using it to rescue me that night, (cause technical service was in another town so they would come the next day). He thought of it but didn’t tell me (or maybe he did but I didn’t understand it from up there), so when he left I had no idea what was coming up next: It was hilarious to see him approaching like a knight in shining armor, but slowly driving a lift instead of a horse.


🔗 Waterford Walls official site

✤ ““Wonder Walls: the story of Irish Street Art” Documentary by RTÉ



Project: Festival Asalto
Location: Calle San Vicente Ferrer 2, Zaragoza, Spain
Date: July 2018

Kids from different worlds, building together a home.


🔗 Festival Asalto #Oliver Pinta official site

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Project: Vigo, ciudad de color
Location: Centro Comercial Coia 4, Vigo, Spain
Date: Jun 2018

This market is a place where old memories and new stories take place. Everyone knows each other, neighbours don’t just go for groceries, they share moments and build bonds with this big family.


🔗 Vigo Ciudad de Color official site


Help Eachother

Project: Color, way of Love
Location: 2001 Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
Date: May 2018

We tend to walk minding our own bubble. But if we look around, we’ll find life happening around us, opportunities to help and connect with it.



🔗 Color, Way of Love official site

✤ “Nippon “Color for Love” once again joins forces with Argentine artist AnimalitoLand to illuminate the light of kindness” CPW News


Animal Friendship

Project: Veggie Room
Location: Calle de San Vicente Ferrer 19, Madrid, Spain
Date: December 2017

Love and care in different scenes, for the opening of the new Veggie Room.



Project: Cromatico Mural Fest
Location: Rúa Francisco Añón, Cambre, Galicia, Spain
Date: Sept 2017

Bright sparkles sprout from dark soil


🔗 Cromatico Mural Fest web

✤ “El arte urbano toma Cambre” La Opinion Coruña



Project: Waterfordwalls
Location: 59 Mayor’s Walk, Waterford, Ireland
Date: August 2017

Playing with colors through the rain. Ireland: cold weather, warm hearts



Project: Color, way of Love
Location: 3 Building 575, Pudong South Road, Shanghai, China
Date: August 2017

May you find shelter in a hug, stopping time in a busy street. 


🔗 Color, Way of Love official site

✤ “Argentine female artist AnimalitoLand “colors for love” creates a new outlet for urban emotions” NipponPaint
✤ “The Best Street Art in Shanghai” CultureTrip


Pidgeons’ Desert

Project: Festival Asalto
Location: Calle Moncayo 16, Alfamén, Zaragoza, Spain
Date: July 2017

“As the traveler entered Pidgeons’ Desert, life emerged from every corner. Curiosity arosed from both ends, so many stories to share!”


Life look

Project: Encrucijada
Location: 8 Paseo Cantolagua Sangüesa, Navarra, Spain
Date: June 2017

Some people age, some others wear diverse lives on the face.



Project: Rexenera Fest
Location: 62 Rúa Río Anllóns, Carballo, Galicia, Spain
Date: May 2017

Espelho means “Mirror” in Galician. This piece speaks of the encounters and experiences we have with other beings. How they leave impregnated memories and mark us in some way.


Jump into another world

Project: Sketchmate
Location: Scuole Medie, Via S. Pietro e Via Pescatori, Cavallermaggiore, Italy
Date: May 2019

Jump into whatever world you can imagine.


Mate y Pepa

Project: Freestyling with my friend K2man
Location: Moldes 3199, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: January 2017

An improvised neighbourhood afternoon, like it used to be. Enjoying paint, mate and cookies with my soul sister K2man


A break (over a soft deer)

Project: Street Art Festival .be
Location: Maastrichterstraat 59, Hasselt, Belgium
Date: September 2016

A place to press pause. Resting at the river edge, protected by trees and a giant deer made out of wishes.


Riding Wind

Project: Wool
Location: Escola da Boidobra. Estrada Municipal 517, Covilhã, Portugal
Date: October 2016

Imaginary creatures give free rides for everyone.


Into the Book Woods

Project: Wool
Location: Biblioteca da UBI. Rua Marquês d’Ávila e Bolama, Covilhã, Portugal
Date: October 2016

Invisible worlds await inside books.


The apple garden of delights

Project: Stencibility
Location: Unknown Abandoned Apple Garden, Tartu, Estonia
Date: September 2016

We worked together with Maari Soekov & Okeiko on a story about the House of Forest Spirits: A place, lost in the middle of an apple garden, where the magical and human worlds crossed paths. Stencibility gave us the place, we built the story, and made friends along the way.

More out there

📷 Ruudu Rahumaru’s exquisite Photos of the entire installation


🎞️ Video of the process, from the Yle Uutiset News Article


Afternoon Wishes

Project: Underground Effect
Location: La Defense (Temporary Installation), Paris, France
Date: June 2016

Playing with comfortable clouds, dreaming of Koala-Wombat-Piggy-squishy-things.

Projet Saato - Underground Effect 2 / Astro



Project: Artscape
Location: Bredfjällsgatan 46, Hammarkullen, Goteborg, Sweden
Date: August 2016

Stick your head out, you’re not alone.


A kiss between cultures

Project: UpNorth
Location: Dronningens gate 12, Bodø, Norway
Date: July 2016

I was so excited to go to the Arctic Circle. While researching about native people in this area, I was surprised to see the traditional clothes and the way they bond with animals, looked similar to the ways of native people from South America. Finding similarities in opposite sides of the world was surprising, and solid inspiration for this piece. 


Open Heart

Project: MIAU
Location: Calle San Pedro, Fanzara, Castellón, Spain
Date: July 2017

Fanzara feels like Home. A town that open its doors and its heart. Old people have young spirits, and its old streets are covered with love from worldwide artists.
After participating in the 2º edition, I was invited to do the image for next year. I did a digital illustration for them to use on the graphics, and when the festival started I went there and translated it to a wall. I’ll never forget the image of an entire town wearing this piece on their t-shirts, while I was painting. It was surreal.


Night meets Dusk

Project: Mind the Wall
Location: (Temporary Exhibition) Calle de San Millán 3, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Date: June 2016

This was part of “Corteza Invisible” my solo show at the lovely Swinton & Grant gallery. 


Urban Nature

Project: Muros Tabacalera
Location:(Temporary Exhibition) C/ Miguel Servet 21, Madrid, Spain
Date: June 2016

A child and a bag of seeds, wandering around the city. A little lost, a little vulnerable, yet a little decided and strong. And something that grows as he/she moves forward.


Memory Quest

Project: Grenoble Street Art Festival
Location: 9 Rue Marceau, Grenoble, France
Date: October 2016

⋆ ⥼✦⥽ ✤ ⥼✦⥽ ⋆

“(…) what he sought was always something lying ahead, and even if it was a matter of the past it was a past that changed gradually as he advanced on his journey, because the traveler’s past changes according to the route he has followed: not the immediate past, that is, to which each day that goes by adds a day, but the more remote past. Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places.”
Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities. 

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Project: Grenoble Street Art Festival
Location: 34 rue Génissieu, Grenoble, France
Date: October 2016

A person and an objective. The big animal is what this person wants to become. It can be a place or a state of mind (also a Bear, a Giraffe, a Deer, a Koala, or Snail among neighbours’s choices ). He/she has a very simple idea of where he/she’s heading, which is the small version on the backpack. But reality is more complex, and there’s no path to follow, so no idea of how to do it or what comes up next. 


Wall Border

Project: Színes Város
Location: Hegyalja út 64, BAH Csomópont, Budapest, Hungary
Date: September 2015

There’s no monster behind the wall, those strange shadows are just like you and me.


Look Ahead

Project: MIAU
Location: Camino Cementario y Calle Santo Sepulcro, Fanzara, Castellón, Spain
Date: July 2015

There was so much going on, I just painted all my excitement on this wall. It was my first time using a lift, and my first time painting in a rural environment, which turned out to be the 2ºedition of MIAU Fanzara, a street-art fairy tale. I in just a few days, I made a new family and a new home ♡



Project: Pictoplasma
Location: Schönhauser Allee 9, Berlin, Germany
Date: May 2015

I painted this during my participation in Pictoplasma Berlin 2015. I exhibited some pieces in the group show “Form follows empathy”, and gave a 30′ talk in Babylon Kino Theatre (available for download here).


Railway Playground

Project: Museo La Neomudejar
Location: (Demolished Wall) Calle de Antonio Nebrija S/N, Madrid, Spain
Date: January 2015

Find your place, wherever you are. I painted all these junkyard games, to integrate the wall’s environment in an old railway warehouse.



Project: La Tabacalera
Location: Calle de Embajadores 53, Madrid, Spain
Date: December 2014

Just landed in Spain, my first international move. My backpack was full of energy, dreams and shivers. This quest lead me to one of my favourite spots on earth: El Keller, in this ex-Tobacco factory (now an underground culture hub) where I found my new family.


Underground Forest

Project: BA Street Art
Location: Subway Station Federico Lacroze, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: August 2014

A magic forest to brighten up the mood in one of the main Subway stations in Buenos Aires. 100 meters painted in collaboration with Ice, Luxor & Oz Montania.


Madre Naturaleza

Project:San Martín Pinta Bien
Location: Villegas 1533 , Villa Maipú, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: May 2014

The encounter of Nature, Animals and Human spirit.